I Became A Better Developer By Writing 3 Pages A Day

I Became A Better Developer By Writing 3 Pages A Day


Let me preface this by letting you in on a couple of key factors that led me here.

  • This is the first blog I write on my personal website, with that being said, I've been trying to decide for a week what it is I should actually be writing about.
  • I love writing and there are actually so many different things I want to write about that it's a challenge trying to choose a few that cater to what niche this blog will serve.
  • I've read enough books about writer's block and getting through it to know that the only way to get started is to start, no matter the end result.
  • I refuse to write about anything I don't believe in or haven't tested on myself.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about how I used the same skills and techniques that break writer's block to unblock my flow of code and become better at developing applications.


Before how, let's understand why.

Why do developers slow themselves down when they're first starting out?


They're scared of being wrong and they have every right to be.

To a new developer, building an application may seem like a mountain of work to be done with no clear path of where to start the climb.

Should I work on my own boilerplate?

Should I learn one of the popular boilerplates?

Should I pick React or Angular?

Should I build a to-do list or a blog?

Should I practice toy problems and get better at algorithms?

So many decisions to make before even starting can be very detrimental and overwhelming to someone who's still building the courage to attempt to get into development.


So what does me forcing myself to write 3 pages every day before doing anything else have to do with me becoming a better developer?


Still confused?

See this isn't even about learning a framework, algorithms or anything related to programming you can think of. This is about muscle memory and confidence building.

When you force yourself to write 3 pages every day there's only so much you can really write about. You start writing just to be able to get to the end of the page. It doesn't even matter what you write, you just want to finish. And therein lies the...


It doesn't matter what you're writing or developing. What matters is that you made the decision to get done. Just to write. You're building up a fundamental skill of being ok with not doing something perfectly and possibly being wrong. In other words, you're breaking through the fear!

In so many of the books I've read, the only person stopping you from moving forward is yourself. It's the fear of creating something you're not proud of or isn't what you expected.

Being wrong and failing is the FASTEST route to being wrong less and succeeding!


To wrap this up, I want to share my method of actually getting to work, finishing, and getting better.

Turn off the distractions - cell phone, TV, etc..

Clear your workspace

Force yourself to write three pages about anything

Accept being wrong and getting stuck

Start working and take any path that will help you get to your final destination

Thanks for reading, if this is something that helped you or you have comments you think would help me, let me know here.

I hope to continue writing blogs that help others and build my own confidence in publishing my thoughts and methods on the interwebs.